Carol Cline Potty Training in 3 Days Review

Can you really potty train your child in 3 days?

According to Carol Cline, you certainly can. And she should know – she founded and is the developer of Potty Training in 3 Days, the potty training method that has taken the internet by storm. As a mother of 4 and the owner of a daycare, Carol has had a lot of experience.

But should you buy the guide? Let’s walk you through an in-depth review so that you can decide for yourself.

Carol herself believes in her guide so much that she offers a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you do not feel that the guide has helped you to toilet train your toddler, you can return it for a full refund.

Worried about the price? Don’t be, the guide will cost less than a pack of diapers and, considering how quickly the potty training guide works, it will pay for itself in no time. Try out the risk-free 14-day trial if you still aren’t convinced.

Have I used Carol Cline’s guide? Yes – there is no way I would be willing to review a product that I had not used myself. If you are a first-time reader at Project Potty Training then you have heard me talk about Daniel and Mark, my sons.

Daniel is the oldest and I tried potty training him myself. It was disastrous and something that I did not want to repeat with Mark so I started to look for a better way. With Mark, things went smoothly because I applied the principles in Carol’s 3-day potty training guide and also drew on what I had learned from toilet training Daniel. I cannot credit Carol with all the success here but her guide was extremely helpful.

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Both of my sisters-in-law have also used the guide, on my recommendation, and both were so pleased with their success that they still keep talking about it.

If you want the full scoop on the Potty Training in 3 Days guide, visit Carol Cline’s official website.

What Does Carol Cline’s Potty Training in 3 Days Guide Include?

You have three different options when it comes to Carol’s potty training guide : an eBook, an audio product or a video.

In this guide, Carol has thought of everything – you are going to learn everything that you need to know to start toilet training your child and a lot more information besides that.
Ms. Cline covers a range of topics including:

  • Knowing when it is the right time to start
  • Getting to know how to tell when your child needs to poo or pee
  • Things that you can do with your child during the 3 days of potty training
  • Learning how to quickly take care of accidents (on potty training day 1)
  • Teaching your toddler how to properly wipe up after themselves
  • Figuring out what reinforcers your child has – that is, things that they would be willing to do anything for
  • How to handle it if your son won’t pee standing up
  • How to handle potty training in public places

In addition to the guide, you will also receive success certificates and free reward charts that you can print out whenever you need to in order to motivate your child when it comes to the potty training process. You must reward your toddler each and every time they pee or poop in the potty. The secret to making the process go more smoothly are potty training rewards.
Also included are Q&A sessions with Carol, allowing you to ask her anything you like about the potty training process. She will customize her potty training tips to your particular circumstances.

And that’s not all folks! You also get a free bonus – “How to Raise Great Kids” in which you will learn how to deal with your children after they have moved through the potty training phase. This frank guide is refreshing because it tackles tough issues.

Visit Carol Cline’s official website to learn all about Potty Training in 3 Days.


Rapid Results

If you follow Carol’s instructions to the letter, they will enable you to potty train your child in 3 days. That said, children all develop at different paces. What may be easy for one to learn may be more difficult for others and so some may pick up the potty routine faster than others. That said, this course will still have a significant impact on the time needed to move from diapers to potty and will make the transition more relaxed for both of you.

Well Written and Detailed

This guide covers everything that you need to know about the potty training process. Carol goes beyond just giving instructions when it comes to potty training your child, she also explains why you must take the steps she suggests and how to understand to motivate your child to learn. This guide is very well-written and gives practical tips that can be implemented easily.

Listen to Carol Live

Once a week you have the opportunity to interact with Carol live and to get to ask her questions you may have had. You also get to listen to what other parents are asking and can pick up even more tips on potty training your toddler.

60-day Money-Back Guarantee

You are able to request a full refund within 60 days if you find yourself disappointed with the guide.


You Must Devote 3 Full Days to Potty Training

The reason that Carol Cline’s potty training method works so well is that you spend those three days with your child. Every waking minute is spent with your child and you need to be well prepared. It’s important to read through the guide in full before you start so that you can get everything together.

If you are working, have other kids or just extremely busy, it might be hard to set aside 3 full days.

What You Want to Know: Does Carol Cline’s Potty Training in 3 Days guide really work?

I know from my own experience that this really does work. If you are looking for the best potty training resource for parents, this is it.

I have seen some others who have tried to emulate Carol’s method and cash in on her success but her original program is still the best and has the best chance of success.
As I said before, you will learn everything that you could ever want to know about potty training. You will become a potty training expert and be able to deal with issues that most other courses overlook such as night-time potty training, regression, etc.

If you want to become a professor of potty training, visit Carol Cline’s official website.